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myca - course project



The main purpose of myca is to empower International tourists to customise their postcards to enhance their travel experience. Users can generate their own postcard by following some simple steps and then share their experience in Australia by social media.


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How to use

With myca, it only needs five minutes to complete a postcard following only five simple steps.

*As the course required, Trove API was used as the main resource for myca.

My role

I was the team leader and in charge of interaction and interface design, and front-end development.


Academic Research


Postcards are still a popular way of communication between tourists and their friends and relatives. Pictures are the significant important part of postcards. They reflect historical, cultural and sociological aspects of the destinations as well as the tourist's personal travel experiences. So the main conclusion from the academic research is that it is helpful for people to design postcards online. And to satisfy them, the web application should provide pictures match Australian culture or history.

Competitive Analysis

To inform the concrete design of myca, I analysed a seires of web applications and an mobile app. They are Australia Post Postcards (mobile app), Canva (web application), Touchnote (web application), PS Print (web application). Features of these apps were critically analysed and design implications were drawn. Details can be found from the proposal (pages 12-15).


Design Process

Design Process

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Persona for myca

Target Audience


The target audience of myca is young International tourists who come and have a visit in Australia.

Dona Persa is one representative of our target audience, who is passionate and loves travelling. She is seeking for new experiences and loves to find ways to make her journey more memorable.

User Journey Map

Intended Experience

User Journey Map

The web application is trying to provide an easy and simple way for users to generate their own postcards with their preferable images which match Australian culture. During the whole process of using myca, users are expected to be released from the exhausting daily journey and to feel relaxed and satisfied with the final postcards.

Responsive Design Feature


Responsive Design

Responsive design supports users with various types of devices. Initially, myca was applied to a mobile-first design pattern, while people were complaining about its bad performance on laptops in user tests. So the team re-considered the issue and decided to make it responsive. It made sense as tourists might also use a laptop or a tablet to visit myca. Media queries were added to the stylesheet to support better performance on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.


Paper Prototype

Paper Prototype Evaluation

Digital Prototype

Digital Prototype Evaluation


myca @ UQ School of ITEE Innovation Showcase 2016

myca @ UQ School of ITEE Innovation Showcase 2016

myca was chosen to be the only project of the course to exhibit in the showcase.