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UQ ClubHub is a smartphone app, which provides an integrated platform for UQ students to be aware of clubs and events and for club organisers to promote events and recruit members.

Prototype Link

The main prototype is a horizontal prototype, which covers most features of the concept. The prototype is developed by InVision.

The other prototype is a vertical prototype. It is implemented to test the "adding events" feature for organisers. The prototype is connected to the database and requires more interactivity. So, it was implemented by the Ionic framework.

To view it, click here for instructions.

GitHub repository

My role

I was the team leader, interaction designer and user experience researcher.


Compare the workflow of participating a club with or without UQ ClubHub

Problem & Solution


There are 219 clubs and societies which hold various types of events and enrich the student's campus life at The University of Queensland. However, the power of clubs has not been fully utilised. Several main problems have been identified through interviews and online questionnaires.

Currently, students rely too much on the market day to learn about clubs, and they can only get event information from limited clubs they have joined. The UQ ClubHub app offers another pathway for students, via which they can participate in events before decide to join a club.

Design Process of UQ ClubHub

Design Process

Main Features of UQ ClubHub



A/B test

A/B test


UQ ClubHub @ Social & Mobile Computing Showcase 2017

UQ ClubHub @ Social & Mobile Computing Showcase 2017