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Migu Live is a mobile application owned and operated by China Mobile Migu Video Technology Co., Ltd. The app focuses on live video streaming, such as TV channel streaming, live show broadcasting, and live talent shows. It serves both Android and iOS users. Since the copyright belong to China Mobile, the design details are confidential. In this page, I will briefly show you an example of how I promoted the improvement of the workflow of an live show event broadcasting.

Definition of Live Show

In this case, a live show means an event occuring in a certain location which is broadcasted to all online users nationwide. A typical live show can be a concert, a press conference, or a self-made programme.

The Original Workflow of Live Show Broadcasting

Original Workflow of Live Show Programmes

Existing Problems

Prior to the commencement of the live show's main content, there were only about 10 minutes for our colleagues to test the quality of the streaming video and publish it to display on the user's screen. Due to the possibly unstable Internet connection, it was always a rush for people from different departments to finish the work collaboratively on time. Especially, live shows always occurred when most people were off duty. Meanwhile, a live show video was only presented to users when it's ready, which meant users could not know there would be a live concert before they accidentally opened the app during the show and refreshed the home screen and found where the entry to the live video located.

There were also other problems during and after the show. For example, if the connection between the spot and China Mobile was bad, a blurred screen is displayed on the user's device. And the video suddenly stopped playing when the signal from the spot ended. These issues led to the awful user experience.

The Improved Workflow of Live Show Broadcasting

Improved Workflow of Live Show Programmes


As illustrated in the diagram, relevant content is played two days before the live show starts. For example, the singer's music videos will play repeatedly if the live show is a concert. In such way, front-end testings can be done timely and users are able to know the existence of the live show in advance. When the signal from the spot arrives, the video streaming will be switched to it manually.

Within the new workflow, only one back-end engineer is needed to be on duty during the live show. Other people can finish all their jobs before they leave the company.